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FootstockHub Membership

Us at FoostockHub want to provide YOU with the very best Footstock content, to not only give you the best Footstock experience possible, but also make you money on the platform too. We will still be providing the same level as content as previously, but now we can offer you even more at the small price of £8 a month.

We are very proud to bring this special project to everyone who has supported us so far and anyone who wishes to support us.
Monthly Membership
£8 per month
12 x monthly payments of £8 a month
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Quarterly Membership
£22 per quarter
4 x quarterly payments of £22 a month (save £8 per year)
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Yearly Membership
£80 per year
1 x one off yearly payment of £80 per year (save £16 per year)
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But what to members benefit from you may ask? Well there's plenty of benefits of being a FootstockHub member.

Members only discord chat

Access to an exclusive weekly blog covering each nation that has qualified for Euro 2021 and the players you could be looking to use from a Footstock perspective.

Access to an exclusive blog each month on strategies for the upcoming month on Footstock

A brief article on who performed well in the previous match day

Weekly trading targets

1-2-1 chats on your contest selections

Access to monthly giveaway for a £29.99 premium pack

The Hub teams bronze, silver and gold selections for each contest

Match day review podcast

Access to an exclusive private Footstock contest each week

And of course, access to all our current free content like Beginners guides, blogs previewing the upcoming tournaments and podcasts.
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