Beginners Guide

Here is where you will learn all you need to know to get you started
in the world of Footstock.

Leithall takes you through each of the different elements of Footstock to get you started on your Footstock journey.
Episode 1 - Lets Get Started
  • What actually is Footstock?
  • What can you expect from the platform and how is it unique?
  • How do you sign up?
Episode 2 - Navigating the Interface
  • Where can I buy players?
  • Where can I buy packs?
  • Where can I enter contests?
Episode 3 - Managing your collection
  • How do I view my cards?
  • How do I filter my collection?
  • What information can you find in a player card?
Episode 4 - What is PPG?
  • Why is PPG important?
  • How does PPG affect star ratings?
  • How does PPG drive a players price?
Episode 5 - How to buy and sell players
  • How to ‘instant’ buy or sell a player?
  • How to create a buy or sell order?
Episode 6 - Managing buys and sells
  • How to view your buy and sell orders?
  • How to edit your current orders?
Episode 7 - What are contests
  • What are contests?
  • What type of contests are available?
Episode 8 - How to enter contests
  • What are the requirements to different contests?
  • How to enter a contest live?
Episode 9 - How to obtain players from auctions
  • What are auctions
  • How to bid in auctions
  • How to track finished auctions
Episode 10 - How to shop and buy packs
  • What packs are available
  • What can I expect from packs
  • Live example pack